Try to think of a piece of technology you’ve had for the last decade. Tough right? Phones, cars, computers, and televisions have come a long way in recent times and home cooling systems have followed suit. While you won’t have to upgrade your AC as often as your smartphone, you should consider modernizing your system in order to benefit from the huge increases in efficiency and performance. Meanwhile, unlike a lot of other technology, home cooling systems are becoming more reliable and offer longer lifespans than ever before.

Improved AC Efficiency

This is perhaps the most immediate benefit of an upgraded AC system. Modern technology is far more efficient, meaning you’ll use less energy, leave a smaller environmental footprint, and save more money every month you use your AC. A new system will also need less maintenance and require fewer repairs, meaning you’ll get more time enjoying a cool home, and less time on the phone with us!

Top AC Performance

New air conditioners can cool air and circulate it through your home quicker and quieter than ever before. If you’ve been putting up with an aging system for the past few seasons, you need to experience the difference a modern unit can make.

Best Value

A funny thing happens when technology like this gets better – it actually gets cheaper. These days, you get more value out of your AC systems than ever before. Don’t believe us? Call one of our experts today and schedule a hassle-free consultation. We’ll run you through your options, and lay out the variety of name-brand air conditioners we feel would be the best solution for you.

air conditioner blowing hot air?

Why is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

Warm weather is upon us and that means many of us are turning on the AC for the first time all season! While this is good news for most of us, some will find their cooling equipment isn’t quite up to the task following the long down time. One of the most frequent questions we get is “Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?” It happens at the beginning of the season as often as it happens at the middle and the end, and it can be frustrating for homeowners looking for relief from the heat outside.

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

So what causes this malfunction? Unfortunately, there’s not one answer. Several things could be going on that would cause your AC to blow warm or hot air. Luckily, many of the issues are easy to diagnose and fix, while others require professional skills. Here are a few quick ways to troubleshoot if your AC stops blowing cool air:

Thermostat Settings

This is the classic “Too obvious to bother checking” symptom. It’s easy to overlook the thermostat settings. Make sure you’re on “Cool” and that the temperature is set to the proper degree .

Dirty Filters

Filters are there to get dirty. They collect dirt and dust and other pollutants to keep them from entering your home’s air. When they get too dirty, they restrict airflow and can have a huge effect on how your AC unit performs. Regularly cleaning or replacing your filters is an essential piece of regular maintenance.

Frozen Coils

Like a dirty air filter, a frozen coil will block airflow, meaning only warm air from the unit’s motor will be pushed through the system. Condensation from the unit can freeze along the evaporator coils if the equipment is not regularly maintained. Low on Refrigerant – AC units depend on refrigerant to rapidly chill passing air. Leaks and extended use can reduce the levels of refrigerant, leading to poor performance.

Broken Return Duct

A broken or disconnected return duct could be pulling uncooled air into your home’s ventilation system.

Blown Breaker Switch

Central air systems have two main portions: The indoor component which uses a fan to distribute the air through ducts, and the outdoor component, which is the actual equipment cooling the air. It’s possible for the indoor section to have power, while the outdoor unit does not, meaning the fans will be pushing around air that has never been cooled. A blown fuse, flipped breaker, or poor wiring could be to blame. In any case, it’s essential that you consult a professional to fix these issues.

Broken Compressor

The compressor is the workhorse of an AC unit. They typically last for many years, but after enough time or extended use, they will inevitably fail. Proper maintenance can extend the lifetime of this component.

It’s important to be familiar with your home’s most essential systems. If you’re experiencing poor performance from your air conditioner, call a professional immediately and allow our years of experience to serve you. Many of the issues above can be easily avoided through regular professional maintenance BEFORE an issue arises. We offer discounted service contracts that will allow you to avoid problems with your AC, while extending the life of your equipment.

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The arrival of spring means you can finally get started on all the fun outdoor projects you’ve been looking forward to all winter! From gardening to barbecuing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather around the corner. But with all of these warm weather tasks and activities, it’s important not to forget to take care of the essential systems inside your home.

Cooling System Tune-Ups

You’ll be asking a lot of your AC system over the next few months and after a full winter of lying dormant, it’s a good idea to get some professional eyes on your equipment. A simple tune-up will ensure you’re getting the most from your cooling system. Whether you rely on central air, ductless systems, or specialty high-velocity units, or experts can help you achieve a cool, comfortable home all summer long with a fast and convenient spring tune-up.

Regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC systems will protect against unforeseen malfunctions that can leave you with expensive repairs. Our experts can also identify smaller inefficiencies that may be costing you money every month in high utility bills.

End of Season Heater Maintenance

As your AC units come back to life, your heating systems will need to be looked over one last time before resting for the warmer months. Properly expecting your furnace, boiler, or other heating systems will help to extend the life of these valuable pieces of equipment and put your in a better position next fall when it’s time to turn the heater back on (But let’s not think about that!)

Pro-active maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your home’s most vital systems. A fast maintenance call here and there can save you a world of trouble down the road. To save even more money, take a look at our Service Agreements and sign on to have regular inspections of your home’s HVAC systems at a discounted rate!


Your home’s HVAC systems need to be checked up and maintained by professionals on a regular basis to ensure they’re operating efficiently and without issue. Luckily, we offer discounted rates on regular maintenance when you sign up for our service agreement contracts. On top of the courtesy, professionalism, and expertise that comes with any Energy-Star Services service call, our service agreements offer a variety of benefits for you and your home:

  1. We’ll be Your Reminder: Keeping track of all the various tasks around the house can be a tough undertaking. Take one more item off your list by allowing us to handle your HVAC maintenance needs. We’ll perform a regular maintenance checkup at the beginning of each season and follow up with a reminder to schedule your next maintenance call.
  2. Your Units Will Last Longer: Just like any complex machine, your home’s heating and air conditioning units require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure their parts don’t wear or malfunction. By performing this regular service, you extend the life of your equipment, add value to your home, and save yourself the headache of shopping for replacement systems.
  3. We’ll Keep Track of your Systems’ Maintenance History: If you’re looking to sell your home, or are just trying to keep on top of your home’s various systems, a maintenance contract with us can help save you time and frustration. A service agreement with us means that every check-up, tune-up, and repair is documented and kept neatly in our system. This helps us to keep track of your heating and cooling systems’ health and will also provide proof of the condition of your home’s most valuable systems.
  4. You’ll Avoid Emergency Fixes: Life without heating or cooling in your home can be uncomfortable or downright dangerous. Don’t let minor problems go undetected and turn into major failures down the road. Regular maintenance check-ups will ensure catastrophic problems are avoided by diagnosing the root problems early on.
  5. You’ll Save Money! On top extending your systems’ lifespans and avoiding emergency repairs and replacement, you’ll also save money on each and every check-up. Our service contract rates feature significant discounts on regular maintenance check-ups, meaning you’ll be paying less for the same great service every time we make a trip to your home.
  6. With so many great advantages, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t sign up for a service agreement with Energy-Star Services. Our professional team of experts has been serving the communities in and around Philadelphia for decades, earning us the trust of countless home owners and business owners. Call us today to speak with a representative and get started with your service contract today!

Gas Furnace

Heaters, whether oil or gas, are essential components to your home. That’s why you should always make sure a licensed expert performs at least a basic tune up every year to ensure efficiency and system health. On top of scheduled professional maintenance, there are a few steps you can take to make help extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Gas Heater Check-up

  • -Clean and Dust: Like any piece of equipment, you should ensure that the components and the space surrounding them are free of dust, dirt, and debris. These contaminants can do more damage than you might expect.
  • -Inspect Filters: Heater air filters need to be replaced or cleaned regularly to ensure your home is free of pollutants that come from your furnace system. While gas furnaces are far cleaner than their oil counterparts, they still need to treat the heated air before dispersing it through your home. If your filters are dirty, you can easily swap them out and immediately improve the quality of your home’s air and the efficiency of your heating system.

Oil Heater Repair

  • -Clean/Replace Filters: Oil furnaces utilize both an oil filter and an air filter to maintain clean and efficient operation. Each filter will require changing periodically in order to get the most out of your heating equipment. If you’re noticing more soot around your furnace or vents, your filters could be to blame
  • -Clean and Dust: Oil furnaces are notorious for generating soot. But a healthy, well-maintained oil heater is capable of operating without dirtying the space around it. To encourage optimal operation, keep the area around your furnace clean and tidy. This will also make it easier for a professional technician to access your equipment and diagnose problems should your furnace stop working.
  • -Look for Trouble Signs: Black soot around your furnace black smoke coming from your chimney, and rattling noise coming from your equipment are all signs of trouble and should be inspected by a licensed professional before continued use.
  • -Professional Heater Repair Services: There are a number of components to your oil furnace that are best left to a professional technician for inspection. The fan belt, blower motor, and burner nozzle each perform vital tasks for your furnace, and need to be professionally cleaned, lubricated, and inspected on a regular basis. Don’t trust this kind of task to just anyone.

Call Energy-Star Today

If you’re concerned with the health of your heating equipment, or want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your furnace or boiler, call Energy-Star Services today! We can work with you to schedule a convenient time for servicing your home heating system.

Don’t Forget The Ductwork!

Home Duct Work

When the weather changes it’s easy to focus on the big equipment that supports your home’s most vital systems. In the fall, we look into our furnaces and boilers, and in the spring we look at our AC units, and central air systems. What’s harder to remember is the system of ducts and vents that spread that heated or cooled air throughout your home or business. It is important to recognize that a perfectly good heating or cooling unit can be compromised with a poorly installed or improperly maintained duct system.

Poorly Maintained Duct Work Can Cost You Money

A bad duct system causes your equipment to work harder and less efficiently, and many residential systems are not installed properly. The good news is, a qualified HVAC technician can recognize duct issues and remedy the problem. At Energy-Star Services, we can diagnose an issue with your duct work and ensure your heating system is working well from top to bottom. After performing routine duct work, home and business owners often see measurable drops in energy costs as their equipment runs more efficiently.

Energy-Star Air Duct Repair

Call Energy-Star Services today if you are in the Greater Philadelphia area and have questions or concerns about your duct and ventilation system. We are experienced in working with every kind of duct system, and we take pride in providing only the highest quality customer care.

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Give Yourself a Breath of Fresh Air

Summertime in Southeastern Pennsylvania can be hot and humid. Often times, that weather brings with it poor air quality. Pollution from big cities, pollen from blooming trees and other irritants can reach dangerous levels during the hottest months. Unfortunately, if you’re not running a properly maintained air purification system, your home could be the worst quality air you breath over the course of a day! By installing a whole-home air purifier, you’ll ensure your home is a refuge during the days with poor conditions.

Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality

Air quality goes beyond just cleanliness. With a comprehensive air quality system, you’ll be able to maintain the proper humidity levels for a comfortable and healthy home. Dry homes can lead to excessive dust, dry skin, and static electricity. Homes with too much humidity can develop mold and mildew, warped furniture, and can be irritating to respiratory conditions like asthma. Our technicians will be able to gauge the air quality of your home and recommend the right system to generate the healthiest and most comfortable environment for you and your family.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Humidifiers, dehumidifiers, purifiers, and other air quality equipment need regular maintenance to ensure they’re providing the best conditions for your home. Our technicians can walk you through the basics to make sure you’re keeping your home in top shape. If a larger issue should arise, we’re able to diagnose and repair your indoor air quality units promptly and professionally.

Pennsylvania Air Purification Systems

If you live in Coatesville, King of Prussia, Ambler, Landsdowne, Doylestown, or and of the other communities in the Greater Philadelphia region, call Energy-Star Services today. Our technicians can schedule a convenient time to give you a helpful consultation and decide the next steps for maximizing your home’s indoor air quality.

No Ducts? No Problem! Energy-Star Services can offer you the option of installing a High Velocity System for your home or small office in Philadelphia or South New Jersey.

High Velocity Systems

High Velocity Systems are a small duct that is 2 inches in diameter that pushes high-velocity airflow that is equivalent to a 6 inch diameter duct that is on a standard heating and cooling system. The system is quieter and cost-effective essentially for any home or small offices regardless of the structure’s design, age, size, or construction type.

This system provides year round comfort with fewer unwanted challenges common to other central heating and air-conditioning systems. Many home designers and owners choose such a system because they do not have to design a unique structure to hide the heating and cooling system components. There is no major renovation, loss of usable floor space, and you will be saving money on your energy bill.

4 Benefits of a High Velocity System:

  1. Consistent temperature on each floor of your home
  2. High Velocity air conditioners attain excellent performance in all seasons. Whether you’re looking to heat or cool your home, these units deliver consistent temperatures and can allow you to customize the temperature of each floor.

  3. Preservation of the design and decor of your home
  4. These units can be installed in your home with minimal impact on the existing layout of the building. This can be important for a variety of reasons. Ourexperts can give you a good idea of what to expect once they’ve inspected your space.

  5. Dehumidifies a house quicker than a conventional AC system
  6. Humid air can lead to respiratory problems, warping of wood, and the presence of mold. These systems are ideal for bringing the huidity level under control for a healthy and comfortable environment.

  7. Smaller and more compact
  8. If space is tight, a high velocity air system might be the perfect solution for you.

For more information on installing high velocity systems in Philadelphia and South New Jersey call 215.464.4549 or contact us

trane programmable thermostat

Benefits of a New Thermostat for Spring and Summer

A thermostat is a convenient and practical upgrade to your home’s cooling system. For a low installation and set-up price, you’ll gain control of your home’s HVAC equipment that will save you money every month by optimizing settings for your needs. Here are a few benefits of installing a new, modern thermostat in your home this spring or summer:

Lower Energy Bills

Modern programmable thermostats allow you to set your home’s cooling system to automatically adjust itself when you are not home. That means you won’t be wasting energy and money by running the AC for an empty house, and you’ll never return home to a house that’s had no air all day. When a home is running its air conditioning, it is losing energy to the warmer outside environment, causing it to work even harder to maintain a temperature. By letting off on the AC while you’re away (The hottest parts of the day if you’re on a 9 to 5 schedule) you’ll be doubling down on the energy savings and your wallet will notice.

The department of energy recommends keeping your home warmer than average when you are away or sleeping and then dropping the heat to around 78 degrees only when you are home.

More Comfort From Less Effort

Many programmable thermostats can be set with multiple daily settings. Each one can be reset and overridden without affecting the rest of the daily or weekly program. That means you’ll get the perfect settings for your schedule without having to constantly fiddle with the thermostat. For a time when your schedule is altered, you can switch up your home’s cooling settings without throwing off future scheduling.

In-Depth Information About Your Cooling System

Information like when to change filters and potential problems with the system can be shown on your thermostat display. That will save you the hassle of keeping up on your system’s schedule, and help you keep on top of minor issues before they turn in to more costly problems.

Easy Interface

Touch screen displays, digital readings, and easy-to-navigate menus make operating a programmable thermostat a breeze. The interfaces on modern equipment blow previous technology out of the water. Once you experience the convenience of a new thermostat, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Ability to Control Zones

If you ever plan on having individually controlled zones in your home, you’ll need a programmable thermostat. Whether you’re planning on making the zoning upgrade now or in the future, you should consider upgrading the thermostat first in order to reap the benefits in the meantime. Then, when it’s time to make the switch, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Air Conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services

Time to Get Your Air Conditioning in Order!

Spring is here!

The weather is finally breaking after a long and chilly winter! That means it’s time to get your home into shape for the fun and excitement that comes with warm weather. From turning over the garden to cleaning out the garage, there are so many early spring tasks at hand, it can seem overwhelming! Don’t let your home’s Air conditioning system fall to the wayside during this crucial weather transition.

Earlier this year, we covered the basics to prep your home’s heating system for the end of winter. Once that’s squared away, you should really get your home’s Air Conditioning systems looked at as well. The warm weather sneaks up quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck with a malfunctioning cooling unit when it happens.

An air conditioning system that hasn’t been properly maintained early in the season can cause air quality problems, and can make existing problems with the equipment worse if they aren’t caught soon enough.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Dirty Filters – Filters that haven’t been cleaned or changed out can cause your AC system to spread poor quality air through your home leading to allergies, respiratory problems, and general discomfort. Filters that are dirty enough can also affect the efficiency of your equipment, costing your money over time.

Faulty Thermostat – Your thermostat is a crucial component of your home’s cooling system. If it’s broken or malfunctioning, you may experience a number of frustrating problems with your AC’s performance. It may get too cool, not cool enough, or it may stop working altogether.

Dirty or Blocked Condenser Unit – All kinds of things can obstruct your unit’s condenser unit. From dust and dirt, to tall grass, weeds, and debris. By blocking the condenser, your unit will have to work harder than it needs to, leading to poor performance, and possibly causing more costly damage over time.

Service Agreements

Energy-Star’s service agreements schedule regular and convenient maintenance for your home’s most essential systems. This means you can be sure your home is running safely, efficiently, and economically. Our professional staff are well-equipped to handle any potential problem with your equipment, and our years of experience serving the communities near you have earned us the trust and respect we value above all else. Call us today and learn more about our helpful and affordable service agreements.