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    I needed to replace gas furnace and air conditioner. I...
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Package Rooftop Unit Systems

Single-packaged units can cover all the heating and cooling needs of a facility or residential without having the space for an indoor unit. Installations can be made whether there is an existing package unit or in need of a new installation. At Energy-Star Services, we work with one of the top manufacturers that design custom adapter curbs. We can add a custom adapter curb on the existing base curb without additional roofing changes.

Benefits of a Package Rooftop System

  • Packaged rooftop units provide space conditioning for a variety of commercial facilities.
  • These pre-assembled units contain all of the major components found in more complex systems.
  • Optional features can increase system performance but preventive maintenance is required.
    • Additional features. Packaged units include a number of optional features for increasing performance and saving energy:
      • Temperature and time controls provide the flexibility to operate heating and cooling according to occupancy schedules and seasonal changes.
      • Economizers can be added to take advantage of free cooling. Dampers and controls allow for outside air to be used for cooling when outdoor temperatures are moderate.
      • Variable air volume controls can save energy by matching fan speed to meet airflow demands.
      • Heat/energy recovery wheels transfer heat from summer supply air to the cooler exhaust air which decreases the air-conditioning load.
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