Oil Furnace Repair

Oil furnaces can be tricky to work on, even for some professionals. Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of oil furnace systems so to problem is too large. Energy-Star’s certified HVAC technicians will work quickly and efficiently to get your oil furnace back up and running again.

Emergency Furnace Repair

If you find yourself with furnace troubles late at night or on a holiday weekend, don’t lose hope. Our experts are available to make short-notice emergency repairs so your family can enjoy a warm comfy home again. At Energy-Star services, we take pride in providing the communities in and around Philadelphia with reliable and professional HVAC repair work so you can rest assured that your home’s most vital systems are fully functioning when you need them most.

Converting Your Home Heat from Oil To Gas

If your oil furnace has been running poorly or inefficiently, it may be time to consider a greener, more reliable, and cheaper to operate gas furnace. When you consider the savings of natural gas and the maintenance associated with oil furnaces, the updated gas furnace technology can pay for itself after only a few years. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more.

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Call Energy-Star Services Today

Call Energy-Star services today and schedule a time to have your oil heater repaired by a licensed and certified HVAC technician. Our reputation for prompt and reliable service has earned us the trust of homeowners and small businesses across the Greater Philadelphia region.

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