Oil Furnace Maintenance

If you’ve owned an oil furnace for any amount of time, you know they need regular maintenance to run their best. A poorly maintained oil furnace will cost you money, reduce the quality of your home’s air, and could suffer a breakdown that will lead to costly repairs. Have the technicians at Energy-Star services inspect your equipment and ensure these issues are not applying to your system. We’ll check the various components to ensure a clean, efficient furnace that you can rely on week in and week out.

Oil to Gas Furnace Conversion

We’re happy to provide regular maintenance on your oil furnace whenever it’s needed. But as HVAC experts, we have to say that natural gas is a far superior fuel for home heating. The cleaner burning fuel is cheaper and more efficient and the high tech gas furnaces are reliable and easy to maintain. If you’re interested in converting to gas, ask your technician about what your home would need to get the process started. Often, it’s a simple procedure that can be done by one of our certified experts. On occasion, we may need extra help from the utility company to get gas lines installed for your property. Either way, you can be enjoying cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly natural gas in no time.

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