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Hello from the newly renamed Energy Star Services Inc., and welcome to our new website! Due to the changing world-view of our industry, and of “energy” as a whole, we have made some exciting changes in the last several months. The most evident, of course, is our name change from ‘B&B Electric’ to ‘Energy Star Services Inc.’ In a time where energy conservation and earth awareness are of the utmost importance to the longevity of our planet, we have decided to rededicate ourselves to the cause by re-branding our business. We are committed to providing, whenever possible, long-term solutions and service to your AC, Heat, and Electrical Systems with minimal impact to our environment. We want to work WITH you to improve our community and our planet, and we here at Energy Star Services feel that the first step in that direction is having a business name that reflects these values. Our website provides new information about our company and services, so make sure you take a look at all of our new offers and services! We provide a wide range of services, ranging from AC to Heating to Electrical and more. Give us a call today, chat with us live online, or send us a note to schedule a free estimate. We will also update you with news and industry information via our Energy Star Blog, so keep an eye out for updates and new offers! While we are making many changes here at Energy Star Services, we are NOT changing the quality and professionalism of the services that we offer. Expect the same great customer service, high-quality work, and affordable pricing that we have brought to our customers for the past 8 years. Give us a call today!